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Welcome to the No Pumping world of virtually labor-free spraying. Root-Lowell invented and patented the world's first pressurized sprayer that fills and pressurizes using your garden hose; it takes the work out of using a sprayer.


No Pumping - Step 1 Step 1:

Remove pump and handle assembly; measure chemical required for proper dilution; and pour into empty tank. (Same step as any other sprayer.)

No Pumping - Step 2 Step 2:

Attach Quick Connect No Pump adapter (supplied with sprayer) to your garden hose.

No Pumping - Step 3 Step 3:

Replace pump and handle assembly and screw down tight. Snap hose with Quick Connect adapter to tank fill fitting. Turn on water at faucet.

No Pumping - Step 4 Step 4:

Watch as the garden hose fills and pressurizes your sprayer, diluting the chemical in the process! (When diluted water & chemical solution reach the desired level, simply un-snap the Quick Connect adapter to end the fill process.)

Effortless Garden Spraying Step 5:

Now spray your garden; without all the effort of pumping* up your sprayer.

* Note: No Pumping sprayers are equipped with a pump so that, if
you're away from a hose, they can still be used in the conventional way.

Go here for information on RL Flo-Master Models Pro Plus and Pro,
which are available with the No Pumping design.



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